An Odyssey through Eternity

In the beginning, God created the heavens, the earth, and everything in between. On earth, God created the seas, mountains, trees great and trees small, beasts mighty and beasts puny, and Man.

Before the foundations of the earth

God’s masterpiece was fashioned out of the earth, breathed into, and he became a living soul; armed with all the authority required to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and have dominion over every thing upon the earth.

Man’s throne was the cynosure of many eyes.

Owner of a pair of envious eyes and no stranger to tricks and untruths, Satan deceived Man into disobeying God’s command. Heaven was inconsolable and the earth was besides herself with grief as they watched the Man Adam and his wife capitulate from their lofty position, all authority stripped from them in one fell swoop. The earth that had been Man’s fiefdom was now Satan’s. Death and sin reigned supreme and every man born after the similitude of Adam was ruled by sin and death.

All seemed bleak but God had a plan.

Predestined and foreordained, God had set aside himself a propitiation for Man’s sin. A Redeemer who would reconcile the creation to the Creator and would recover what the devil had stolen. On earth, Many a man got a glimpse of God’s glorious plan to redeem Man; from Abel to John the Baptist by the way of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Isaiah and many others, prophecies foretold the birth of a lamb, sinless and spotless who would take away the sins of the world.

A king looked up to heaven and proclaimed loudly “There is salvation In none other but Jehovah!”. Thousands of years earlier, a father leading his son to slaughter had responded to the curious inquiry of his young son with the cryptic phrase “The Lord shall provide for himself a lamb.”

Perhaps none waxed more lyrical than the sun beaten prophet who girded up his loins in anger and foretold the doom of Israel yet crooned with much longing “Unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given.”

Yet, none of this men understood in full what they prophesied. None of them but John the Baptist, who called loud in the desert. “Make way, make way, prepare for the Lamb of God”

When the lamb appeared, he was just as scriptures had prophesied. Born of a virgin of the house of David, of the lineage of the kings, he was the face of God- the express image of God eternal, the physical embodiment of his character. He went about on the earth loving undeserving men, healing the sick and announcing the goodness of God and demonstrating such power as the earth had never seen before.

The Lion and the Lamb

He was despised by the men he had come to save, and they killed him for it. He was seized as prophesied by Scripture, beaten to within an inch of his life and hung on the cross to die a slow, torturous death. Yet what Satan had intended for evil had been predestined for good. The sinless lamb who took sins away had been sacrificed for the sins of them who he came to deliver. Three days and three nights, he spent in the bowels of the earth, and Satan and his minions celebrated for they had crucified the son of God.

On the morning of the fourth, with a roar of triumph, heaven rejoiced. The earth stood transfixed as the son of God walked out of the grave unaided having loosened the shackles of death and utterly destroyed the bonds of sin.

The sinless who had become sin was once again without sin. First born of them who had been born out of spiritual death that any who would believe in him would not perish but have life such as he has.

Where death through sin reigned supreme in men born after Adam, now the irrepressible life of God reigned in men born after Jesus.




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