Dear Reader, you stand at this junction staring into the vast vista of light before you.

Behind you is a wall of shadows, a looming large miasma of misery and mayhem. You once were shroud in darkness… the traditions of your fathers and the rituals of your mothers were fetters that bit fiercely into your skin, keeping you trapped.

BUT HERE YOU ARE. I daresay say – BEYOND THE SHADOWS. Dear friend, you are not here by happen-stance or the blind swing of fate’s axe. No! your eyes have come this way to be enlightened…

Picture courtesy DeviantART

This is the doing of the Father of lights. 

So please sit back, relax and consider this a lucid and luminous manifesto on the persona of the Father who deemed it fit to pluck you from the clutches of nether-lords and in one fell swoop, cull the denizens of death.

Regard yourself indeed as a recipient of His most delicious delights…

Does Paul not exclaim to the Corinthians

“Behold! If any man be in Christ – He is a new creature”.

We – you and I, are beings immersed in the most audacious of lights, the most affectionate of loves and the most resplendent of lives.

You and I, together with the Father in one tremendous waltz!

You are Light!

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