Without a price tag

sunset-bird-sunrise-animalI am still haunted by the memory of one particular day I was spanked for a crime I did not commit. The beating I received that day was so thorough and so scarring, I confessed to deeds I was I hadn’t done.
In retrospect, the pain I felt was much less the physical manifestation of the strokes I bore than it was the fact that I knew I was wrongfully accused. It’s funny the extent to which that hurt me despite how young I was. I remember telling God that on judgement day, the only thing I wanted to know was who did what I took the blame for.
Growing up around a lot of children, playing on play grounds and hanging out with my a lot of kids my age, it didn’t take too long before I realised that my reaction to my “beating ordeals” was not at all foreign. Children hated being blamed for what they did not do and the idea of receiving punishment for something they were unaware of was unpalatable. As I became an adult, I realised that it was a human thing. I wasn’t being childish. No one wants to receive consequence for something they have not done.

With the knowledge of this and the fact that I know the pain of taking someone’s place for something as small as getting spanked, it beats me how a human like me, sinless and blameless would come and take the sins of the entire world on Him.
He would bear shame he ordinarily had no reason to, pain He knew He didn’t deserve and face persecution that even the worst in society haven’t been exposed to. The clincher was this: He did it with a willing heart and said a resounding yes to all of it.

He did it with a willing heart and said a resounding yes to all of it

I break inside when I consider what Jesus must have gone through from the point of betrayal to the point He hung on that cross between two thieves, before a host of people who weren’t aware of what that symbolised to them.

Salvation came to give us freedom from that which intended to destroy us – sin. But with its giving, it also teaches us. It teaches us pure sacrifice, love and selflessness. Salvation came not because we invited it but because it invites us.
I think the most amazing part of salvation is the fact that it came without a price tag, and while the world dismisses things without price tags as low quality or undesirable, Jesus’ gift of Salvation teaches us that the free gift is the most precious one and it comes from the purest form of love.


Salvation came to give us freedom from that which intended to destroy us – sin.

God has called us all to be partakers of this freedom. Stop taking the blame for sin, stop being hurt by consequences you don’t have to face. Say yes to Jesus and the cross and enjoy walking in the consciousness that someone paid the price long ago for you to live free of sin.

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