The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

There is such a joy when two people are joined together; when two worlds collide in one.

When two families are united in love. Whoosh!
It is a big celebration 🎊 a festival of joy, a fiesta of delight.

There is much laughter, merriment and partying!!!
Jesus spoke of the joy that erupts in heaven when a sinner repents and comes to believe in the good news.

It is somewhat like they are celebrating a birthday party because of the new birth but in reality it is a wedding party!!! THE WEDDING PARTY

The Wedding Party

The joy that accompanies salvation is the rejoicing that accompanies a wedding (a new life wedded in union with Christ).
Jesus isn’t returning for his fiancée. He is returning for his bride. You have been wedded with him.

Jesus offers us a most wonderful affirmation – I am the vine and you are the branches. Instead of this to be a source of joy, many use it to preach about being cut off and tossed in the fire. Paul Ellis says it is like fretting about divorce in the middle of your honeymoon.

John 15:5 is one verse that speaks to the eternal nature of our bond with Christ. It has been accomplished. You are already in Christ from the moment you said yes to him (have you said yes to Him?).

The gospel is the announcement of the wedding party. Ahaha. John 14:20 says on that day you will realize that I am in you. Whoosh.

Christ in me is mentioned 216 times by Paul and 26 times by John. Jesus doesn’t just woo us to himself. He ones us with himself. Aha.

He that has the Spirit has the son and has the father. This is the blessed reality of our union with Christ. Romans 8;9, Colossians 2;9. John 14:23 tells us that Jesus and the Father have made their home with you (the moment you said yes).

Some of us may have come to God on account of some need. Maybe for healing or wealth or a ticket to heaven. Whatever your need, God is truly faithful and generous. Receive from His provision and be blessed.

But then brace yourself for a blessed shock! The Giver is greater than His gifts. He is infinitely lovelier. Ahaha ha. Whoosh

The gospel isn’t an advertising brochure for the treasures of the kingdom. It is the thrilling revelation that Christ loves you.

The Lover of your soul desires to share his life in wedded union with you forever.

For those who believe it, the gospel is the joyful declaration that right now and forever more, you are in perfect union with Christ.

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